EnduroShield Glass Protector
10 Year Warranty

Glass is the window to your home, so naturally you want to ensure it’s crystal clear. With EnduroShield Glass Protector Repellent, you’re windows, windscreens and shower doors repel water and oil- based contaminants for up to 10 years.

Benefits of EnduroShield
Glass Protector

Because EnduroShield Glass Protector bonds with surfaces, and is extremely durable. EnduroShield can only be removed with vigorous abrasion or the application of acids and alkalis. The long-lasting, hard-wearing barrier EnduroShield creates repels water and oil-based stains creating a beading effect on the surface, ready for an easy wipe off.

In addition, EnduroShield Glass Protector protects the expensive surfaces in your home against the corrosive effects of lime scale, soap scum, hard water, chemicals, dirt and grime. Surfaces stay cleaner for longer.

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EnduroShield Glass Protector Overview

EnduroShield Glass Protector repels Contaminates.

Due to weather conditions, and cleaning products, glass becomes tarnished and unattractive, as well as difficult to clean. Window Glass attracts dirt and sticky finger marks, while shower doors become murky with soap scum and steam, windscreens attract elements of nature too!

EnduroShield is an invisible, ultra-thin, and a non-stick coating that cuts your cleaning time by half!

Glass Coat Solutions is a professional and certified team for EnduroShield Glass Protector. Our experienced team prepares Glass Surfaces with an application process that will form a durable, protective bond to repel water and oil-based stains, making surfaces easy to clean using only a microfibre cloth and a mild detergent – or even white vinegar. No harsh chemicals required, giving you lasting Glass Protection.

EnduroShield Glass Protector also protects against mould and grime on grout, or any other porous and untreated surface.

Because cleaning is quicker and easier, you need less water and fewer harsh cleaning products which helps keep our environment to stay eco-friendly.

A lot of treatments traditionally used on glass and other surfaces in our homes use chemicals that are often toxic, leaving a residue, or scratch the surface requiring frequent application which is time consuming and expensive.

EnduroShield Glass Protector works on Tiles and Steel

EnduroShield is available for tile and grout, glass and stainless-steel surfaces. A single application will keep your surfaces protected and stain free for three years. Reputable glass fabricators and manufacturers around the world rely on EnduroShield to meet their customers’ exacting demands. When professionally applied to new glass, this industry-leading solution carries a 10-year performance warranty.

When you order new glass for your home or office, request an EnduroShield Glass Protector Application. Your glass will be protected with a performance warranty of 10 years.

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